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Odd idle speed behaviour

Posted: Sun Jan 28, 2018 10:57 am
by FarmerPug
My 406 (2.2 HDi) has a bit of an issue with its idle speed.

Normally it sits at about 900-950 rpm but if i move the car and freewheel then brake the revs dip down to 600 rpm as if its about to stall.

This would happen for example when reversing out of a parking space; the car is put into reverse, it backs out and when it has went back enough the clutch and brake are pressed, the car will then dip its revs to 600 rpm before returning to its normal idle speed.
the same happens if slowing down coming to a junction. It hasn’t stalled but it feels as if it is about to.

I thought perhaps the clutch wasnt disengaging fully when pressed down but this also happens if the car is put into neutral in these instances.