406 Coupe V6 SE

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406 Coupe V6 SE

Post by thegatekeeper »

Well as some of you know I sold the DT as I fancied something more comfortable... well as I am a Pug man this could only be one car!

Peugeot 406 Coupe SE V6


Needs a wash and polish!
and a couple of minor things.. but what do yoy expect for £675?


MOT till Sep 27th 2014
Tax till April 2014
109,254 miles
Full Peugeot Service History
Folder full of receipts
Cambelt done at 79k
Full service carried out just under 2k ago
Full black electric heated leather with memory
Climate Control
Cruise Control
Auto dimmer mirror
Cassette player with 6 CD multi changer in boot
Upgraded speakers from factory when new being a full JBL system with an external amplifier (This was an expensive optional extra for the V6's)
Brembo calipers
1 Touch Windows
New front tyres
New exhaust
Being the V6 she pulls very well. Economy, if driven with care 30MPG can be seen around Town and 37MPG on a run with cruise on. If you want to give her some throttle then the MPG will drop to low 20's, still not bad for a near on 200BHP car.

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Re: 406 Coupe V6 SE

Post by rwb »

That is a complete bargain :mrgreen:

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Re: 406 Coupe V6 SE

Post by Doggy »

Very, very nice. :mrgreen:

If only I didn't have dogs & an annual mileage of 22k......
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Re: 406 Coupe V6 SE

Post by Ares »

Bloody hell only 675?

I will move to england.

That is a beautifull coupe,love the color
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Re: 406 Coupe V6 SE

Post by dirtydirtydiesel »

Ares wrote:Bloody hell only 675?

I will move to england.

That is a beautifull coupe,love the color
Yeah it's a crime but when motors like this get to 12+ years old in england they go for pocket money, I keep getting tempted to get one for the wife :supafrisk:
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