my v6 estate

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my v6 estate

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Hi all, I am Chris from Cornwall and a new member and thought I would put up 'few' pics of my 406 executive v6 estate. She is the 211bhp model in diablo red with manual box and 7 seats.
She is lowered and wearing 17" alloys plus total removal of back box and replaced by section of stainless with nice 3.5" outward rolled tailpipe.

P.s it would appear that all but one of my pics are above the allowed 2mb so I am gonna crop/edit to correct file size and upload as soon as I get chance :)
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Re: my v6 estate

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Hi Chris & welcome aboard. 8)

Your car looks absolutely stunning. :mrgreen:
(but standing on my head is getting a tad uncomfortable).

Most of us upload our pics to photobucket or something similar and just put the link in the post using the Img button that appears above when you're typing it in. :wink:
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