Testing the water - thinking of selling my 406 v6 3.0 Executive

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Testing the water - thinking of selling my 406 v6 3.0 Executive

Post by Cleggmeister »

Hi folks, first post here but please forgive me for getting on the "for sale" section rightaway.

Contemplating selling the family 406, bought nearly new (still under Peugeot warranty) by me around 2003 then owned by my father (and still is). He's now looking to purchase his final dream car (likely a Jag 5.0 XK).

Does this 406 have a value? It has FSH, MOT into 2019 and has covered 130k miles. It has every extra (aside from SatNav) including full electric/heated leather, Clarion/JBL, sunroof, auto transmission, rear blind, etc...). And the V6 engine (c190 brake rather than the c210 brake fitted to the coupe).

If it's worthless we'll take PX for it from the Jag dealer, however I'm a car enthusiast and thought someone here might have an interest. it's not perfect but it's pretty close to it considering the age! Please do let me know if it has any kind of value or if anyone is interested?

It'll be available in around 6 weeks and we have all the documentation and heaps of current pictures. As an aside I replaced it with a 1999 Merc E55 W210 AMG, which was faster but had 0.1% of the style or charisma of the 406. Plus the interior of the Merc was such a setback compared to the beautiful interior of the 406. Anyway, I digress - now I own a RS Twingo and I'm middle aged!

Thanks for your time :)


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Re: Testing the water - thinking of selling my 406 v6 3.0 Executive

Post by GingerMagic »

Hi George, welcome :cheesy:

Please can you add more details, like colour, mileage, history - and I must admit I'm surprised it has the older pre 1999 engine...

Also, where are you based?

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