WANTED: Petrol 406 Estate

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WANTED: Petrol 406 Estate

Post by MilesS835 »

I’m looking for a petrol 406 estate, 2.0L manual in China blue if possible, preferably either LX or GLX.

Petrol 406’s seem to be rare now and undesirable?

If anyone is looking to sell one this spec or similar please contact me,

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Re: WANTED: Petrol 406 Estate

Post by steve_earwig »

Hello. Oddly enough I recently posted a link for one I saw just like that on ebay, it's a 7-seater with low miles too https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/163784830655?ul_noapp=true any good for you?
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Re: WANTED: Petrol 406 Estate

Post by nickrose137 »

1.8 LX in Samarkand Blue any good to you? I've got one on eBay at this very moment :)
Cheers, Nick

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