Spotted any 69 plates? I've won this already

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Spotted any 69 plates? I've won this already

Post by Welly »

At the weekend on the M40 I saw a 69 plate Lamborghini Huracan/Aventador (excuse my lack of actual knowledge) but there it was, in White, doing about 65mph in lane 1 :supafrisk:
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Re: Spotted any 69 plates? I've won this already

Post by steve_earwig »

No, but I'll keep an... Nah, don't care anyway.

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Re: Spotted any 69 plates? I've won this already

Post by Bailes1992 »

I take your Lambo and raise you a Citreon Bipper type thing, might have been the Pug equivalent, who knows. It had a Northgate hire sticker on the back and was doing many many miles per hour in the outside lane.

That's the thing with hire cars, and one of the reasons I bought my Volvo as an ex-hire car. Nothing is faster than a hire car!
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