wanted pp2000 for 2001 406

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wanted pp2000 for 2001 406

Post by fflintstone9 »

anyone got a pp2000 for sale for a 2001 110hdi ? ones on ebay are for 2005 onwards (unless you know different !)
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Re: wanted pp2000 for 2001 406

Post by GingerMagic »

Hi Jon.
Sadly I don't have one for sale - but the one I use I bought in about 2010 for my 406, which was a 2004..

I've since used it for many different Peugeot's ranging from my 1998 Coupe, up to a 2012 308 ( it wouldn't read anything newer unless I use Diagbox instead.. )

There are plenty around, I'm quietly confident a newer eBay one will work fine - the setting up is a pain first time around but stick with it.

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Re: wanted pp2000 for 2001 406

Post by DaveMeredith »

I may have what you're looking for. PP2000 already loaded onto an XP laptop with all the cables £30
I'm about to put it on the for sale page
Contact me on dave.meredith@l3t.com or 01684 852518

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