door trim / door panels

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door trim / door panels

Post by Luketheduke44 »

Hi everyone and greetings from Austria! (sorry in advance for any errors)

I recently bought a 406 estate from the UK (2002, full specs, 30k miles, automatic,...), but I want to change the interior a bit.
Thats why I'm looking for the black/metallic door trims (they continue left of the car computer, right of the steering wheel). I'd pay a fair amount of money since I know its quite some work to get them out, as well as organising the shipping to Vienna Austria is'nt just done like that.
I'd also take the whole door panels (if they are leather)/ glove box if this makes it easier for anyone - I'd gladly pay the high costs of shipping if thats the case!
As it seems this version of interior is quite common in the UK and I've never seen it in any LHD cars here in Austria or any of our neighbouring countries. It might be a RHD specialty!

I have already checked the offers on gumtree and even contacted some sellers but no luck so far...

many many thanks for everyone who took some time to read this and I'm looking forward to any replies!

Lukas Binder
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Re: door trim / door panels

Post by Doggy »

Hi Lukas and welcome to the site. 8)

No errors I can see, your English is very good and obviously not straight out of Google translate.

I think the items you are looking for were only fitted to the 'S' & 'SE' models made in the last year or 18 months of production, so not that common and maybe only sold in the UK.

Maybe someone else can confirm and hopefully provide more details?
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Re: door trim / door panels

Post by Luketheduke44 »

Many thanks for such a fast reaction and kind words!

I was positively surprised that out of 70-80 ads on gumtree around 5 cars have this interior so I believe chances of success are high (not jinxing anything!).
Unfortunately so far none of them are "breaking for spares" and they rather want to sell the car in one piece..

The car I bought has got the beige leather interior. Maybe it's just my taste but I don't really like that the glove box and cover right of the steering wheel is black (99-04), but the door panels are beige again so I try to get the panels black too and since I'm at it I also rather get the black trims instead of the wooden ones!

I'd have to check the genuine catalogues/brochures if that could be the case! If I remember correctly the ones I spotted in Austria or Germany had the trims at the dashboard but not on the door panels (so rather a cheap option back in the days).
Since I have a rhd car now those would be of no use for me now anyway :D

I forgot to mention that estate AND saloon panels should work for me!

Many thanks once more!

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Re: door trim / door panels

Post by GingerMagic »

Hi, welcome.

The shiny black ones were on the 'Rapier' models here in the UK, and you can also get the ashtray to match - the plain grey ones were on the late S and SE models.

The leather door cards here in the UK all have the brown walnut trims - regardless of leather colour and year of the car.

And I agree with Doggy, I am impressed by your English :cheesy:

There are a few groups and 406 breakers on Facebook - maybe join up to those if you are a Facebook user.
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Re: door trim / door panels

Post by Luketheduke44 »

Many thanks again!

With the information of it being in the "rapier" version it will be very easy to find exactly what I'm looking for! I'll simply keep going to look for offers and ask the sellers if such a deal would be possible for them.
If there's a way to deactivate this thread I'll just do so as soon as I got those trims, but as long as its active anyone who got them is very welcome to message me!!

I really appreciate the hospitality so far and will surely stop by again because I might need more parts from the rhd models in the future.

P.s I'm glad my English is understandable! I had to invest quite some bread :?: and even more time to get so far!

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