Micro bubbles and fuel strainer

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Micro bubbles and fuel strainer


Morning Gents, first off a big thanks to Steve the moderator for answering my off the cuff PM,
Ok on with the problem, right I had a post before ref air in fuel lines, well yesterday I whipped the fuel pick up out of the tank and it was clogged, a quick clean with lighter fluid and it was like new so happy days.
I took her for a drive and all was well and when I turned her off there were no bubbles in fuel lines, I left her all night as it took that long before for the bubbles to appear in the fuel line.
This morning I checked and no visible bubbles so I tried to start, didn’t start as per normal ( I’ve been squeezing the primer every morning before hand ) I didn’t apply any throttle just turned the key.
Anyway I quickly jumped out and opened the bonnet to check the fuel lines I noticed tiny minuscule bubbles travelling away from the fuel injection pump, probably travelled approx 4” max away from the FIP.
So here’s the million dollar question, anyone got any ideas??
98 406 saloon 2.1 td 12v ( think it’s the 8b engine?)
Thanks guys and stay safe
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