Mudflaps for my V70

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Re: Mudflaps for my V70

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Dormant? whereabouts is that mate?
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Re: Mudflaps for my V70

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Now you're just being silly :lol:
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Re: Mudflaps for my V70

Post by DaiRees »

You lot are nutters :lol:
Welly wrote:The big question is, wivits or no wivits, do the flaps actually stop the car getting dirty?

I have yet to see any such flappage making a jot of difference as, the way I see things, the dirtage comes from the top of the wheel and spews out down the sides of the car. Low speed splashes may be 'caught' by the flaps but that's about it?
I think they make a big difference, I get what you're saying about the dirtage that sprays out of the wheelarches and sticks itself all over the sides and back of your mowtah, some people think they reduce the sprayage but I'm not convinced. Being the shape of a brick at the back it's always going to suck up spray onto the tailgage so whether there's less than there was before, don't know, don't care :? But what they do prevent is all the big pieces of muck and dead vegetation that get splattered onto your sills and door bottoms (and the bottom of your rear bumper) at speed and then seem to weld themselves there, and of course, stone chips. The upshot is that the car may not be any cleaner than it was before, but it's dirty more evenly :supafrisk:
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