Balancing and wheel alignment woes

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Balancing and wheel alignment woes

Post by Welly »

As part of my recent MOT I knew I needed a track rod end and didn't want it to show up as a failure or advisory note so I asked my MOT man to fit the track rod end first, all good and flew through MOT.....

On the way home the steering wheel was pointing to the left slightly, ok fine I kinda get that, not always easy to replace a TRE without disturbing the geometry.

I've also had a very slight vibration at 70 mph. So I go to my second favourite Tyre place as it's near my work and ask for front wheel alignment and re-balance the two front wheels. £29.00 and all done, great? err no....

Now the steering wheel points to the right and the wheels vibrate at 80mph instead :frown:

Is it me or what? rang them up to explain and all I got was "you've had a new TRE fitted you need to give it a few days to settle down". What? the only way to correct the steering angle is to mechanically adjust it :roll: I really CBA to go back there so looks like I'll have to pay again and go to my favourite place who do get it right on their Hunters equipment.

BTW the tyres may be out of shape I guess, this car has destroyed tyres like this before.
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Re: Balancing and wheel alignment woes

Post by Doggy »

I have that tee shirt too.
Don't currently have a favourite place, the one that had previously impressed me blotted their copy book by doing the wheels up wiv a windy-gun and gobbing balance weights on the rims. (I didn't wait & watch this time). The alignment was spot-on tho.

I think you've got to be realistic about this. No one gets rich working for a tyre and exhaust place, staff turnover will be high and quality patchy. If you're lucky enough to find a truly reliable wheel wizard, be nice to them, recommend them to your friends (and let me know too, cos I typically travel further your manor to get mine done). :wink:
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Re: Balancing and wheel alignment woes

Post by PeterN »

I have always done my own alignment and had no problems, until I had a 406 that was, now we have rear wheel alignment as well which is very difficult to get right with my threaded rod and metal tube. Having replaced both rear tie rods for the MOT the tracking was miles out although I carefully noted the positions of the cam washers and marked them with yellow paint, obviously the new rods were a different length. I had to go to my local garage (who is very good) and get them to adjust it.

Incorrect tracking shouldn't affect the balance unless they have taken the wheels off and replaced them in a different position.

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