Rear Brake Light Problem

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Rear Brake Light Problem

Post by cwhaley »

Hi all, owned my 406 for 7 months and only now am I having my first electrical woes! It's a 2001 HDi Estate.

The rear brake light (driver's side) has stopped working. It is not the bulb as I've tried it on the left-hand brake light, nor is it the fuse as I've tested and changed both fuse 11 (left-hand brake light and brake light bar) and fuse 12 (right-hand brake light). The indicator does work on both sides so the cluster itself seems to be fine. I'm guessing it's the wiring.

I did notice when the boot is open that tapping on the inner-side of the boot (where the lining is) makes the courtesy light flicker.

Does anybody know where the earthing point(s) is/are for the rear lights? Before I borrow an ammeter and test the wiring I'd like to see if the earth is clean and seated properly as I've heard they can corrode over time.

Looking forward to some insight as I have been stopped having one brake light out and don't want to risk it again!
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Re: Rear Brake Light Problem

Post by GingerMagic »

Have you cleaned the pins in the connector?
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Re: Rear Brake Light Problem

Post by PeterN »

I had a similar problem on my C5 only on this occasion the bulb had failed although it looked OK, I fitted a new one, it worked briefly and then stopped, the lamp holder looked a bit corroded so I gave it a good clean, still nothing and no 12 v on the feed wire. I went away and came back to it next day and it worked, and has done so ever since.

I have just remembered that it was the o/s indicator lamp not the stop light but I would thing the same principle would apply. As the lamps are fed from the ECU I think that must have been responsible for the delay.

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