RHZ HDi Issues

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RHZ HDi Issues

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Hi all,

Apologies firstly as I'm here today regarding my 2002 Vitara, which shares the same RHZ engine and Bosch management as the 406.

I have the following persistent fault codes that never clear;
P1517 - Immo?
P0030 - Fuel pump primary circuit
P0340 - Camshaft position sensor A - circuit malfunction
P0100 - MAF circuit malfunction

Intermittent codes after limp mode;
P0243 - Turbo wastegate solenoid A - Circuit malfunction
P0246 -Turbo wastegate solenoid A - Circuit high

Now the car drives, starts and runs absolutely fine and the limp mode just seems out of the blue on most occasions, quick key off or clear of codes and it's normal for another hundred miles or so. So far I have replaced the FPR, fuel filter and camshaft sensor, none of which have cured any issues.

I do have a Delphi diag cable coming, but I'm unsure if PP200 would work, if anyone in Manchester has one I could try in exchange for some beer tokens it would be greatly appreciated.

Information is very vague from Suzuki and I'm struggling to find a garage who will actually diagnose faults rather than replace parts. Is there anything specific I should be checking or looking for?
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