BSI Woes - 406 Swimming pool now open!

Talk about the 406's electrical system, what wires do what, how to add extra functionality, etc.

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BSI Woes - 406 Swimming pool now open!

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Hi Folks. First post but lurked as an unregistered member for a while, cambelt guide really helped me last year!

Car did not start this morning - immobilised. Fearing the worst I borrowed a car and went to work in a huff. Spent most of the day researching.

On investigation this evening, drivers foot well had an inch of water in it. Drilled a hole to drain it all, I'll stick a grommet in at some point.

I can get the car started, sometimes the immobiliser kicks in, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes pushing the brake pedal makes normality resume. Car doesn't want to 'switch off', I have to wiggle the main BSI connector around to get the centre console panel to shut up. Obviously short circuiting because of the water ingress and I assume hitting the brake pedal is sending voltage through the dodgy connector making it work slightly or something. I'm hoping it will dry out over the next few days. Once driving seems fine although I did only spin round the block.

What's the best way to clean up the connector? I'm loath to just unplug it and clean it out as I know these cars can get a bit funny with BSI and batteries being disconnected although I'm not quite sure if I'll ever get the car to sleep for 3 minutes so I can take the battery off!

Second question, where on earth does the water come from? I know we had a huge downpour recently but the amount in the car was comedy gold. I'd like to fix whatever seal is duff. I've had MX5s and a very leaky Saab that leak less. :lol: I did rebuild the drivers door regulator this year, but can't see it being that?

Pretty mechanically minded with cars and happy to do whatever I gotta do to fix my current beloved bangernomic barge.

TL;DR Car has a swimming pool causing BSI issues. HOw do I clean up the BSI connector in the footwell and where is the water coming from?
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